Sphero vs. Ozobot

The different ways to code a Sphero and a Ozobot is, Sphero are a robotic ball that uses 3 different types of movement . THE OZOBOT IS THE MOST THAT’s GOING TO BE BROKEN THAN THE SPHERO BECAUSE THE OZOBOT IS MORE FRAGILE.The Ozobot  has the colors green, red, blue, and black to move. You can also use Ozobots with block codes as well.

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All About My Avatar

  https://www.moeruavatar.com/index_en.shtml  this is were i got it from hope you like the app have fun using it THAT IS MY AVATAR ,this is why i made my avatar u see that most of its pink and that is my favorite color,also i have glasses and mostly i have my hair up and i have ear rings and i have some what elf ears . i putt a smile  a lot and my hair is  brown. i have glasses because i can’t see far away.